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Alex Dwek

COO at & Nas Academy

Alex is the COO of & Nas Academy, responsible for running the overall business operations for the technology arm of Nas Company. Alex joined the company in 2020, and helped work across the business from partnerships, operations, growth and fundraising. Prior to Nas, Alex spent 4 years as a General Manager in Southeast Asia's tech ecosystem, helping to set up and lead new businesses that scaled to tens of millions of users in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia for technology giant Uber and regional super app Grab. Alex is originally from the UK, and now lives in Singapore with his wife and two kids.


Nuseir Yassin

CEO  at  Nas.

Nuseir rose to fame by doing the crazy task of making 1,000 videos in 1,000 days. Now, he is focused on building Nas Company - the community company.  They make video content, craft incredible experiences, and build powerful technology tools for community builders. By reaching over 300 million people every month, he has transformed the way people connect both online and offline.


Lesha Mansukhani

COO  at  Nas Daily

Lesha Mansukhani serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the media and experiences arms at Nas Daily. In her five-year tenure, she's been instrumental in driving growth, overseeing operations, and forging partnerships across the company. She's engaged with influential figures such as Bill Gates, Khaby Lame, and Steve Harvey, alongside partnering with nations like Mongolia, Thailand, Ecuador, UAE, and Singapore. Passionate about fostering unity and driving positive change, Lesha utilizes the power of media to bring people together. Prior to joining Nas Daily, Lesha excelled as a producer in the Asia-Pacific region's film and theatre industry, collaborating with top talents.


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